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Here are a few NZDSN events for you to consider: Contact admin@nzdsn.org.nz for registration forms and details:


NZDSN Provider Development Programme –

The programme comprises several strands of training and development:

  • Leadership workshops which will appeal to those in more senior roles and management
  • Practice workshops which will appeal to direct service practitioners and their immediate managers

Many thanks to the 400 people that have attended the events NZDSN has run as part of its Provider Development programme for 2015. Your support for and feedback on these events has been much appreciated.

Click here for the table that outlines the Provider Development programme for the first half of 2016 to assist with the planning of professional development activities. Registrations for the first two events in February are open and if you wish to register please see the NZDSN website

Phil Smith – Training and Development Coordinator

Most of these training events are now free to NZDSN members and just $115 (GST inclusive) for non-members. (NOTE: All previous ASENZ members are now automatically NZDSN members). Non-members you may still be eligible to get your costs covered through the MSD Training and Workforce Development Fund. Details are available here.

Specific Supported Employment workshops will have fees these will meet the criteria for cost recovery through the MSD Training and Workforce Development fund.



ASENZ are now the “Advisors for Supported Employment in New Zealand”.

We retain the ASENZ brand but are now a committee within the New Zealand Disability Support Network (NZDSN). The ASENZ Strategic Goals for 2014 onwards is available here: ASENZ Strategic Goals March 2014

Mission Statement “To provide a high profile forum for the promotion, establishment and development of Supported Employment Services for people with disabilities in New Zealand, through information, networking, research and policy advocacy. This will be achieved with the collective strength and support from NZDSN”

Supported Employment is a concept that looks to find ways to assist people disadvantaged in the labour market due to a disability to reach their career aspirations and to improve and expand inclusive employment opportunities and services for all people with a disability. The process involves more than just finding a job for a person and Supported Employment practitioners provide various services to two key client groups:

1) People with disabilities.             2) Employers.

ASENZ (as a committee) will ensure that: a) Supported Employment agencies and organisations are clearly represented and have a visible presence within NZDSN. b) The supported employment training and qualifications are maintained and developed for supported employment practitioners. c) Current members of ASENZ are advantaged by becoming NZDSN members. d) The Principles, Practice and Standards of Supported Employment are maintained and further developed.

The Committee Members The Advisors for Supported Employment in NZ Committee, consist of representatives from agencies/organisations that provide supported employment services.

Current members are: Helen Robertshaw (Chair and NZDSN Board Member) / Martyn Parkes. / Louise Deane. / Emma Carreon. / Sarah Halliday. / Linda Fisher / Wayne Cockburn

See Contact page for full contact details or refer any queries/questions regarding administrative or financial aspects to: Sue Eastwood (Administrator). admin@nzdsn.org.nz Tel – 04 473 4678 / Fax – 04 473 4677         Mobile 021 721 016